HOA’s And Rentals: What You Need To Know

HOA’s throughout California, apparently over 50,000 of them, are scrambling to amend their CC&RS to allow up to 25% rentals to be in compliance with Assembly Bill 3182 before the end of 2021.  The bill was promoted to help solve California’s housing shortage. (Additionally for those wanting to add an...

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Don’t Shoot the Messenger Part II

A recent and unexpected client experience prompted us to write this article about estate planning.  Our client, the seller, was in contract on her home when she fell and broke her arm.  She was admitted to the hospital for surgery and experienced complications.  In a normal pre-COVID world, a notary...

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Proposition 19 + Death Taxes

The passing of Proposition 19 gives tax relief to homeowners in certain categories.  In regards to some aspects of Proposition 19, however, Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote which ended in “…in this world nothing is certain except death and taxes” comes to mind.  Proposition 19 will have a major impact on...

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Reconfiguring Bathrooms In An Older House To Maximize Space

(Original photos of the bathrooms) On the Mid-Peninsula many of the homes are over seventy years old.  Some homes have been remodeled but many still have their original layout.  For many buyers, taking on the task of remodeling or more importantly reconfiguring an area in the house is difficult to...

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