December Silicon Valley Market Update

Happy Holidays! In addition, as your local real estate experts, we feel it’s our duty to give you, our valued client, all the information you need to better understand our local real estate market. Whether you’re buying or selling, we want to make sure you have the best, most pertinent...

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Proposition 19 + Death Taxes

The passing of Proposition 19 gives tax relief to homeowners in certain categories.  In regards to some aspects of Proposition 19, however, Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote which ended in “…in this world nothing is certain except death and taxes” comes to mind.  Proposition 19 will have a major impact on...

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Market Update November 2020

Jason and I are committed to continuing to serve all your real estate needs while incorporating safety protocol to protect all of our loved ones. In addition, as your local real estate experts, we feel it’s our duty to give you, our valued client, all the information you need to...

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Tried and Tested Holiday Tips

Today we are happy to share with you some of our best tried and tested holiday tips for the home! Over years of trial and error, we have learned these sure-fire ways to make your holiday at home a little more seamless. Don’t oversize the holiday tree! My husband and...

ovationhomesre  · 

Will Office Space Survive?

Clean air, the lack of frustration at being stuck in traffic, and more productivity working from home are comments my partner Jason and I have heard many mention since Shelter-In-Place.  We found THIS ARTICLE interesting. Now, how about a new house with more room for a home office?  Give us...

maya  · 
Sand Hill Road

Silver Linings and The Real Estate Market

Amidst the dreadful impact of this virus especially to our health care and support workers, victims and their families, there are a few silver linings to Sheltering-in-Place.  Most notably in Menlo Park is air quality where, if I am reading the Bay Area Air Quality chart correctly is excellent,

maya  · 

PSA from Stanford Doctors and how Italians continue to experience solidarity

Thanks to Dr. Linda Barman for putting together this public service announcement from Stanford Hospital Doctors and featuring Dr. Thanh Khong, Dr. Ruwan Rajapakse and Dr. Britney Barley.  Also for a little bit of fun after the seriousness of the PSA, enjoy how the Italians in this clip are coping...

maya  · 

Be strong!

"There are more things, Lucilius, that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality."  This quote from the first century AD Roman philosopher Seneca are wise words for us who are rightly feeling fearful right now.  However, as long as we follow the guidelines...

maya  · 

Eighth Grade Graduation at La Entrada

A wonderful event last night celebrating our daughter's graduation.  As an alum of La Entrada and Las Lomitas myself and now along with my daughter (officially at 7 p.m.!), we are so proud of the quality of education Las Lomitas School District kids receive.  Hats off to the great teachers,...

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